Thursday, November 24, 2011

Even McDonalds knew I needed a hug

On Tuesday, after an amazing final night with family, Marc and I bought our last bags of nuts and our last (really thick) slice of halva, wrapped them all up for our Nepal trek and drove the last stretch of Israeli highway to Ben Gurion Airport. With only one wrong turn, we made it to the drop off point for our rental car, and found ourselves at the airport four hours before our flight.

I know. Way too early. But we were feeling so depleted, that there was really nothing to do but get to the airport. The last three weeks were so filled with joy and then such sorrow, that we were completely spent. We found ourselves alone again. Although full of anticipation for the next leg of the journey, there was an emptiness hard to describe.

When Marc brought me the McDonalds cappuccino I ordered, the beautiful heart in the steamed milk was enough to bring tears to my eyes. How did they know I needed a hug?

The four hours passed somehow and we boarded a plane to Amman, and then Delhi. And then after a very stressful couple of hours figuring out the next leg to Kathmandu, we rested in the Delhi airport until boarding a flight to Kathmandu.

Within less than 24 hours, we left one world for another. As night turned to day, we found ourselves in another reality.

But before I can begin to tell that tale, I must thank all of our friends and family in Israel (and our Adamit family abroad) for welcoming us so warmly, and for making it so incredibly hard to leave. The love we felt each and every day was more than overwhelming. We have the most wonderful people in our lives and we love you all more than words. How can we possibly thank you enough?

As for the trip — the story of our flight and first day is hilarious ... Coming soon!

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