Friday, May 4, 2012

Vietnam Vignettes: The sights and the people

All packed for our 24 hour flight plan from Hanoi to Hawaii
I guess it is time to admit that we are no longer in Vietnam. In fact, we have been in Hilo, Hawaii for three days, far way from South East Asia and at the end of our eight months of travel. Looking through our photos of nearly a month in Vietnam, I realize that I will not manage to tell all of the stories from all of the places we visited. But that won't stop me from sharing some photos! Hopefully through the photos, you will get a sense of this amazing country and hopefully it will convince you to add Vietnam to your bucket list.

Everything they warn you about is true. The Vietnamese take a bit of time to warm to. But once you understand them, they will stay firmly planted in your hearts. They are smart, hard working, creative and entrepreneurial. They will in fact take advantage of you if you are not careful, but they will also be very helpful and caring and give you an amazing time. Two weeks is not enough to really get to know these people or their country. Stay at least a month and will be hooked forever.

Enjoy the photos! We can catch up on the details some other time ...

Ho Chi Minh



Marble Mountain


Cham Ruins


Sa Pa

Ha Long Bay



  1. Gorgeous! Can't believe it's been 8 months!

  2. Glad you have had a great time, but glad also to hear that you are "back" or at least close to your former home! Your blog has sparked a lot of interest in travel so hope we will all be able to get together with you at some point to ask the questions and go through some of the photos again. I also can't believe you have been gone for that long......enjoy the sun and surf in Hilo. We are heading there for a wedding in 2013 but want to hike the grand canyon first. I'll have to reread your blog to see which other areas I want to add to my bucket list!! Take care and happy traveling!