Sunday, August 14, 2011

Contrasting views

This awesome view of Vancouver is from our livingroom. (pictures were taken when we moved in.)

A quick look at the calendar confirms that we have three more weeks to the day, until the movers arrive. I feel way ahead of schedule until I remember that my calendar is filled with appointments and reminders about all of the tasks that have to be crossed off the list before we leave!

None the less, I am taking the day off from all packing related activities, to contemplate for nearly the last time, what a magnificent year we have had here at 1425 West 6th Ave. When we walked in to view this apartment last June, we both knew immediately we would love living here. A couple of weeks of a rental bidding wars, and nail biting later, we signed the one year lease. And now a whole year has gone by and here I am packing again!

From the day we moved in, we have loved it here.  The views from every darn window in this apartment are awe inspiring. This neighborhood is nothing less than awesome. Our pick of running and walking routes in every direction. A seven minute walk to Granville island, and a 15 minute walk downtown. South Granville and West 4th shopping a hop skip and a jump — and so much more.

When the sun shines, we agree that there is not a better spot in the world than 1425 West 6th Ave. A year from now, after we have been around the world and back, it will be interesting to see if our perspective changes!

Taken today. The view out our bedroom window.

Right now, looking out my window at the  beautiful scenery, helps me live with the  very contrasting views inside the apartment!

Three weeks and counting!

The view inside, in every room ...


  1. Do you have a home somewhere?

  2. Just the open road for the next year ...

  3. Looks too good leave -- until you get to the last picture! I'm sure you'll be back someday (and have to unpack all over again...)