Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Four days and counting

Since Marc returned from his Kayaking trip, I have tried very hard to purchase only fresh fruit and veggies, in order to use up everything in the fridge and freezer before we leave. It has made for some creative meal planning to say the least. Now four days before the movers arrive, with all of my pots and pans packed, and the fridge almost completely empty, I took a look in the freezer to see what I could come up with for dinner.

Craisins and white wine for appetizers and frozen blueberries and green peas for the main course ... humm

But seriously, this is kind of indicative of my state of mind. All sense of order has disappeared into brown cardboard boxes. I guess the good sign is, I feel I have time to blog today. Things must be calming down whether I have realized it yet or not.

There have been many experiences I wanted to write about over the last couple of weeks. Emotional ones. I even imagined how I would capture in words the feelings I am having. But there hasn't been time to sit still long enough — and I haven't been relaxed enough (Marc will certainly attest to that) to get my thoughts down until now.

My cousin Sheila who lives three floors above us, made us a fabulous dinner last night, and as she was preparing cocktails she turned to us and asked,
"How does it feel
With no direction home
Like a complete unknown
Like a rolling stone ?"

Marc and I both looked at each other and burst into laughter. For those of you who are not Dylan fans, or do not know that Marc is an EXTREME Dylan fan, this may not seem so significant. But last week, when we sold our last large possession (my car), Marc turned to me, and in a Dylanesque tone, recited the same chorus! We can always count on Dylan, to hit the nail on the head! 

We don't yet really know "how it feels". Even though we have a fairly detailed "direction" planned, there is a lot of "unknown" in our future —and at the moment, the idea of "home" is fairly illusive. But the one thing we do know for sure, is that it REALLY feels right.

In many ways we have come full circle. 36 years ago, we left Winnipeg for Jerusalem with only the backpacks on our backs and a small crate of wedding presents, packed and ready to be shipped to us once we were settled in Jerusalem. In four days time — all of our worldly possessions will again fit into a small crate. A little larger than the one we shipped to Jerusalem in 1975 — but not by much.

Our wedding pictures are not accessible, but I think this one will do the trick. Marc and I in Egypt 1977. The first of many travel adventures of the wandering Broudos!

We will be suited up in state of the art travel gear this time around — and needless to say we are a full 36 years older. But other than that, the details are surprisingly similar.

The difficult part is saying goodbye. I have had my share of those this week, and there will be several more before we fly out on September 8th. We will be back for three days in October, but those will be days filled with appointments and tying up loose ends. The real goodbyes and the emotion attached to them are happening now. In all the weeks leading up to our move, I was sure I would be fine, but now I am feeling the loss.

25 years in Vancouver has been an incredible experience. Aaron grew up here, Marc and I had successful careers here. We made incredible friends here. And this is where both of my parents are laid to rest. So much to celebrate and so much to mourn. A fullness not easy to describe. You all know who you are — friends and family who have made the past 25 years so rich. All of the leaves on our tree that continues to grow. Thank you all for being such a significant part of our lives. We take you with us where ever we go.

To make this a bit easier, let's not say goodbye, but simply "until we meet again".

I am all geared up with my new macbook air (that I love to pieces!!) and I promise to keep you all informed about our travels and the amazing (and not so amazing) things we will be experiencing. Please continue to leave comments here or on facebook every once in a while, so I know you are there. Otherwise I will be missing you all too much!

Just a reminder that the Broudo's will be unplugged as of September 4th. No phone number and no real mailing address, but we will be looking forward to your emails!


  1. I am very proud of you, and amazed that you can do this. Retirement has that certain edge to it too, but I stayed in the same home! Are you planning to return to Vancouver at the end or is that up for grabs too?
    Love Sue

  2. Hi Sue,
    Everything is up in the air at this point but Vancouver will be in the forefront for sure ...

    See you very soon!

  3. you guys are my heros! my husband and I are mired in the "raising kids" portion of our lives and longing for those days of adventure in our twenties. you are reminding us that those days can be ahead of us too! woohoo! we're wrapping up on 8 years here in norcal and I'm sometimes overcome with nostalgia. I can only imagine what you must be feeling as you wrap up on 25 years. Wow!! nisiot tovot naomi and marc!

  4. OK, here's another 'anthem song' for you two--Billy Joel's "You're my Home..."

    Yep, you're off to have 'the time of your lives!'

  5. I love the photo, Naomi - especially after hearing the amazing story of your wedding and engagement party (in that order)! Now that I'm back from my big adventure, I look forward to reading about the adventures of the travelling Broudos on your blog. You two are amazing! May you stay Forever Young!