Monday, September 12, 2011

A day in the life of the wandering Broudos

Last night luxury accommodations in Fresno. Tonight luxurious accommodation in our car beside the Merced River!
We are at the moment parked in spot number four of four spots at the end of a one lane road, 20 miles outside of Yosemite National Park. The Merced river is running just below us, and the camp site manager lives in a trailer just above us. It is pitch black outside, but we can hear the river rushing by. The name of the the camp ground is Dry Gulch, but this year, there is water everywhere. Although this site is marked on the Yosemite National Park map, there are no signs on the road anywhere publicizing its whereabouts. We left the park at sunset following the narrow road that was supposed to take us to the last possible campsite within 50 miles that had an opening. We were ready to turn around when the campground sign appeared out of nowhere. The camp manager noticing us from his trailer window limped over with clipboard in hand ...

Sound like the opening paragraph for a murder mystery or the trailer for a horror movie? No, just day three of the Broudo Unplugged tour!

Seriously, this is really happening, but we are thrilled with our accommodation! If you can believe it, this campground has very nice toilets, and wifi!!! But just in case you don't hear from us by next week, Send the cops to Dry Gulch Camp site at the end of El Portal Rd.

PS: Had a bit of a late and rough start in Yosemite. We were not pleased that the possibility of finding a campground or any other accommodation was almost impossible. The first point of interest on our itinerary was already full and we needed to wait for the shuttle. The volunteer at the information centre was less that helpful and we were just a bit frustrated. But the trip to Glacier Point made up for it all.

And we actually have a pretty good plan for the next two nights in the park ... Stay tuned.

Glacier Point and Bridal Vale Falls

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  1. Yeah, I was going to ask if every campground in California is wifi-ed. So far the trip sounds incredible. And I love the photos - especially the black one from yesterday's blog :-)