Friday, September 30, 2011

Kodachrome State Park — You decide!

We left Bryce Canyon refreshed and full after a night in the Best Western Grand at the entrance to the Park. Great room, great pool and spa and a wonderful buffet breakfast (buffet was the food theme for Bryce!). From there we headed to Kodachrome State Park.

The scenery is unusual here to say the least. 67 monolithic stone spires called sedimentary pipes dot the landscape. Apparently these pipes grow from the bottom up, getting taller as time passes. They are easy to distinguish as they are white stone as compared to the red sandstone layers all around them. The color and beauty found here prompted a 1948 National Geographic Society expedition to name the area Kodachrome after the popular color film.

As Marc and I hiked through the park, Our first association was not Kodachrome film ...

Marc decided the park should have been called "every woman's wildest fantasy". I, on the other hand felt that "penis envy" was much more appropriate!

Any ideas? If you send me your suggestions, I will send them along to National Geographic and maybe we can get them to throw in a free subscription for the winning name!

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