Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last night in North America for seven months

Are we ready? I guess as ready as we will ever be.

We repacked this afternoon, and aside from a panic attack about the whereabouts of our travelers cheques, everything fits and all zippers are comfortably closed. All passports are in hand, all hotel reservations are made, google maps printed and saved — so how come my stomach is all in a knot?

— Well, at least until Aaron took us to a "chill" bar down the street called "Weathered up" where the three of us sipped on a Honey Whiskey Sour Smash and another concoction called Artists something or other, while waiting for our reservation at an even more "chill" noodle house across the street.

This trip to New York has been different than all others. Although we have been here on the way from — or on the way to one place or another before, this time felt very different.

No Broadway shows, no wandering through neighbourhoods. Instead we booked hotels, opened bank accounts, printed out stuff and repacked.

Tomorrow we leave the comfort of Aaron and Melissa's Brownstone for an assortment of accommodations, landscapes, and weather. As we sat down for lunch today, Aaron looked seriously at us and advised us to be careful, and to take it easy in Nepal, not to overdo it and conserve our strength for the long trip ahead.

Funny how the tables have turned and it is him now offering us advice! We listened — knowing full well he was right!

But before Nepal, we have three amazing weeks planned in Israel. As I write these words, the knot in my stomach is loosening. I know that when we get off the plane in Tel Aviv, even with the aggravation awaiting us at the car rental company, and the crazy drivers, and the difficulty getting anything done without an argument, not to mention the overpriced hotels — we will be home.

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