Sunday, October 2, 2011

What can I say about Arches National Park?

I think from day one, I have been at least three days behind in recording our exploits. Once in a while I get a few hours to myself where I am not falling off my feet, dead tired from hours of hiking in the sun, climbing sides of mountains, or wading through rushing rivers. Today I had the time to catch up, or at least to almost catch up but there is still a problem.

I have written four posts already today, and besides the fact that you are probably tired of reading so many posts all in one day, I am also out of headlines and creative ideas of how to craft an interesting story about the highlight of this weeks adventures — Arches National Park! Hard to believe, but I am actually speechless ...

Arches National Park is simply put, a park of natural arches. They are all amazingly beautiful and at every turn you see extraordinary structures. To add to this, we had a day in the park with clouds that added another dimension to the whole experience.

Basically, to visit the arches you have to either hike to them or drive to them. We hiked for four hours to the Devil's Garden where we saw a large number of them, followed by some drives to viewpoints and another long hike to the Delicate Arch, which was so worth it, even though I had had way too much sun and was a bit cranky. Then we drove to several more before the day was done. The next day Marc took a guided tour to the Firey Furnace to conclude our trip to the arches.

I think this was my favourite park so far, which is hard to believe, because they have all been outstanding.

If I manage to post this tonight, I will actually be completely caught up — that is until tomorrow — when it all starts again, but it will feel really good to have a clean slate if you know what I mean, even if I haven't really given Arches the prominence it deserves.

So please enjoy the photos, knowing they can not capture the true grandeur of this place. Just look at each one and try to imagine it looking 10 times better than the photo and then you will be almost there.


  1. Your photos are amazing!! Are you using the "new" Canon?

  2. Wow! Excellent photos and it looks like you know where to go. Did you buy a book or are you taking tours with people??