Wednesday, July 20, 2011

24 hours of Salzburg for 25 Euro

We had one more day in Salzburg. What to do? So many possibilities, and so little time. We had been introduced to the “Salzburg card” at the train station. 24 hours to visit as many tourist attractions as you can for one price, including all public transportation and a couple of ferry boats.

After a quick discussion and group vote, we decided this was a challenge we were ready to take on! We contemplated how many attractions we could manage to squeeze in (which depended on whether Marc and Doug could control their time in each museum). Team work was required to take the best advantage of the pass. Shall we pack a lunch? What time should we activate the pass to get the ideal 24 hour period? Could this be the pilot for a new reality show? Or at least a dry run for the Amazing Race?

We hit the ground running at 9:00, after our hearty hotel breakfast. We has great success and by 6:00 in the evening, we had visited the Dom Church – Taken the Hohensalzburg Fortress Cable Car up to, and visited the Hohensalzburg Fortress, and toured the grounds – We had taken a quick visit to the Catacombs before a more thorough visit to the Residenz Gallery of European paintings from the 16th-19th Century – Hopped on the Salzach Cruise, which dropped us at the Hellbrunn Palace and Trick Fountains, with a guided tour  – Took a bus back to town, which gave us just enough time to visit Mozart’s Residence Museum, before closing time.

Now – if you are expecting a detailed description of all of the places we visited – I am afraid you will be disappointed. Remembering all of the names of these places, was almost as exhausting as visiting them! And ditto for the photos. I also have to admit, for this post and all others to follow, that I am the kind of traveler that really appreciates the details and doesn't connect them necessarily to names and places. So – I can promise you images of the details that caught my eye. I will be sure to tell you what city they are in, but exactly what location, what century, what artist or which museum, may not be forthcoming!

Here you go. Lots of photos with no captions! This is our last day in Salzburg.  Many museums, many memories!


  1. Wow! You guys are real troopers. I would have gone to a museum, had a coffee, and maybe taken a ferry ride! Definitely a reality show possibility. But only if there is fighting and tears. Doesn't sound like it with this team. Everyone seems to be a team player!

  2. I am tired just reading about your 24 hours. Sounds like a terrific time!