Thursday, July 7, 2011

I guess it is really happening

Although I have started packing, it didn't really hit me that this is for real, until yesterday when I booked the movers, booked the storage unit, booked the carpet cleaner and made an appointment with the management company to return the keys. Oh my god! This is really happening!

I have had my moments. Even some tears. So many things coming to an end. So many new beginnings. So much planning on so many levels. There are days or weeks that everything seems to be under control and then there is a day or even an hour when it seems impossible and I am beside myself trying to figure out how this endless list of to do's will ever get done.

But then Marc comes to the rescue and together we cross a couple of big things off the list and somehow everything is back on track. The truth of the matter is — that I am this way no matter how big the task. And it always gets done because it has to. Nothing like a deadline to keep you on track.

The amazing part of all of this is the transformation that has taken place. In me — in us — and at the same time — in all of you. When Marc first suggested traveling for a year, and we contemplated giving up the apartment and being the wandering Broudos for an indeterminate period of time, I was as skeptical as most of you in thinking this was — maybe pushing the envelope — just a little. But somehow, months later, with a trip almost fully baked, movers booked, gear purchased, plane tickets almost all arranged, training hikes under our belts, and only days before the beginning of first leg of the trip, it all feels so right! And I know you all believe it too! The “are you out of your minds?” have morphed into “this is going to be the experience of your lives!”

So one of today's tasks was to decide on a name for this blog. There were a dozen choices, and at least a handful of good ones, but we decided on Broudos unplugged — because symbolically we are letting go of so much — and embracing so much more. But also because we will be literally unplugged most of the trip. This blog will be our life line. A place to share the amazing experiences we are having, the scary moments as well as the “what were we thinking?” moments. I think it will be a way to keep me sane on long journeys — keeping me connected — even though we are unplugged.

I have tried to convince Marc to be a blogger with me. So far he thinks it is my thing, but I am sure with time, he will see how therapeutic it is!

We hope you will follow our blog, and our journey, and send us comments along the way. Every one will be precious to us, being so far away from everyone we know and love.

We leave next Wednesday for Vienna. The first leg of our new adventure has been organized by, and will be in the company of, our dear friends Doug and Devora and our god daughters Sophie and Gabi. It will be the most civilized part of our journey and we are looking forward to easing into travel with cream filled pastry and aromatic coffee!

Bon voyage!

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  1. I'm very excited for you -- and looking forward to the posts. It will definitely be the experience of your lives!