Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Czech it out!

Wow it has been days since I had a good connection. Let's catch up. 

We spent four amazing days in Prague. The architecture takes your breath away. The hotel Devora chose for us was the first clue that we were going to be swept away by the experience. 18 foot ceilings, a jacuzzi tub, taffeta floor to ceiling curtains ... need I say more? D & D's room was like a salon in a castle. They complained that they had a hard time hearing each other from one side of the room to the other!

I am realizing as we get further into this trip, that finding the time to blog about all of our experiences, is weighing a bit to heavily on me and it really is not possible to dedicate as much time as it would take to really do this justice. I have had internet frustrations, and general fatigue to deal with. Our days are really long and we usually crawl into bed close to midnight, and are up bright and early for the next day of touring, so finding the time to be clever and entertaining every day, just isn’t in the cards.

Sunday morning the girls had another concert in the Vitus Cathedral in the Prague Castle which we attended. The acoustics were absolutely wonderful, and the concert was superb. It was their last performance of the tour, and our last chance for a hug until we see them in October.

Enjoy the photos!

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  1. Oh Yay! Another post! You have us all checking our blog roll constantly to see if there's a new post! I get that you can't do this as frequently -- we'll take what we can get.
    It struck me that the girls are on a Sound of Music tour -- how fun! Don't you wish Devora was planning every day of the next year for you??? She should start a travel agency!