Thursday, July 14, 2011

What a difference a day makes

Our exit from Vancouver was a bit tense with time running out on so many last minute details. We had planned on a relaxed walk to the Canada line with our economically packed bags. That was not to be, with the internet not cooperating and hence all of the other last minute items, not accomplished until after the last minute!

Vancouver cabs came to the rescue and delivered us in good time to the Airport. Once we were comfortably sitting in the cab, the tenseness of the proceeding hours seemed to wash away, and by the time we boarded our Air Berlin flight to Dusseldorf, we were "on our way" in so many ways.

"Flying is not walking" as my dad always said. The seats are cramped, inflight entertainment is not what it used to be, and the food is far from gourmet — but for us, it was a bit of heaven (literally!). 14 hours without stressing about house packing, trip planning, airline ticket booking, and rental car comparisons. Halleluiah!

A local bus from the Airport dropped us off minutes away from the centrally located Pension Sacher Apartments, where we will be staying for the next few days. Claudia, the owner, greeted us warmly with a tour of the apartment and instructions on how to use the kitchen amenities, the TV and internet. What can I say? The apartment is perfect. We have a balcony facing the square, allowing us a peak at life in Vienna from the comfort of our small dining table and chairs. Full kitchenette, beautiful bathroom and even a washing machine for god sakes! For the first hour, we just walked around the apartment in a daze repeating under our breath, how perfect it was!

We attempted to do a bit of walking this afternoon, but lack of sleep and the euphoria from lack of stress, sent us home for a nap almost immediately. We were up at dinner time refreshed and ready to get to know our new surroundings. We happened on a local restaurant called Gast Haus Poschl, that was bursting with local people. We were seated opposite the busy kitchen and marveled at the skill of the chef and his helpers, preparing plate after plate of mouth watering delights. Marc ordered a beer whose name sounded like "Tvika", so we knew we would remember it. I think the correct name is Tzvikl. The food was delicious, and the atmosphere could not have been more perfect for our first night in Vienna.

Don't worry, I am not planning on boring you with the details of every hotel room, beer name and wine choice. Just wanted to set the stage for the first day of what promises to be a great trip. And I guess the first day of the rest of our lives!

The very relaxed wandering Broudos, signing off, from Pension Sacher, Vienna

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